“Dynamic, Powerful, Fun, and Engaging….Mitch is a master storyteller and trainer that gets results. Inspiring, deep, cutting edge and entertaining. Mitch Huhem was the best investment we ever made. We got a 1,000% return.” – Rachel, Event Planner

“Spot on. Mitch is a master at engaging an audience and enrolling them in a higher cause. His teachings on leadership, winning in business and life, and his message that we are “all born to be great” have transformed my employees into rock star producers. He literally flipped a switch in their hearts and minds and they have been turned on ever since his amazing keynote address. I’ll definitely be hiring Mitch again.”- Robert Rhodes, record breaking sales leader and trainer.

“His coaching, teaching and speaking are top tier and not to be missed.”- Jamie Guillenbrand, CEO of IT systems

“This man was born to lead and transform lives. The audience immediately caught his amazing energy and upped their game to a whole new levels. The applause was off the chart.”- Steve Lemus, Technical Director

Having been an innovator and leader in multiple industries where he built powerful businesses and sales teams, Mitch is the real deal. He’s battle tested, deep, engaging and gets results while having a whole lot of fun. Because he has actually owned and run businesses with hundreds of employees and has a natural love for people, he knows how to connect, gain trust and transform his audience in ways rarely seen. Many of the speakers today talk about leadership and motivation but have never practiced this in a real business where fortunes are easily lost and success is hard won. It’s like saying you’ve conquered and climbed Mount Everest and are now qualified to lead a thousand men and women up its treacherous peaks…because you’ve read a really good book about it or interviewed other people who have. When you have no real tangible life or death experience climbing anything, are you really qualified to teach and train people to follow you and do the same?

Mr. Huhem believes until you’ve been there and done it, you are not truly ready to share about the experience. You’re certainly not qualified to teach and lead others when you haven’t mastered it yourself. Degrees, books and discussions are great, but they are no substitute for actionable experience and on the job training; they are no replacement for hands on real mastery, leadership and high-level performance under pressure. Would you let someone perform brain surgery on you with no hands-on experience? That would be crazy, right? Yet, speakers are being granted intimate access into the most amazing and complex system in the universe - your mind. And they are performing idea surgery and manipulating powerful information that could help or hurt you and your organization in numerous ways, yet, much of the time, they have not experienced half of what they are speaking and teaching about.

Mr. Huhem has given decades of his life, 80-hour work weeks, and invested in multi-millionaire and billionaire mentors to get to a place of peak performance and business mastery. He has worked with and shared the stage with General Colin Powell, Presidents George Bush and Gerald Ford, Soviet premiere Micheal Gorbachev, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Duchess of York Sara Ferguson, Billionaire Donald Trump, First Lady Barbara Bush, World Heavyweight Champion George Foreman, George Ross, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, Mary Tyler Moore, Chuck Norris, Ben Stein, Zig Ziglar, Henry Kissenger, Presidents, Celebrities, Olympic athletes, heads of state, business luminaries, billionaires and more. His speaking and orchestration skills have been praised by all who have experienced how deeply he connects to and entertains his audience from stage. As a business man, investor and CEO, Mr. Huhem has experienced the highest levels success and brought in huge profits for his companies and strategic partners, inspiring and speaking to tens of thousands of people in the process. He also regularly travels around the country to teach and train business owners and Entrepreneurs, as well as CEOs.

Talking in Person to Mitch Huhem you will quickly see that he loves people and nothing is more fulfilling to Him than turning on and lighting up an audience, getting them excited about their potential and what's really possible in their life.

Speaking to Your Business:

As a keynote speaker Mr. Huhem can bring his vast business and leadership experience and personalize it to your business endeavor, highlight your companies greatness and pivotal strengths in the process. Mr. Huhem always finds unique ways to honor company leadership, ideals and vision and brings these powerful attributes into his presentations, making the most of your event and giving you some super positive PR at the same time. Dynamic, highly entertaining, knowledgeable deep, caring persuasive and above all authentic, Mr. Huhem is that rare speaker who can carry an audience and deliver exactly what your company needs.

He can also help high level executives polish and craft their own presentations and loves helping strategically to make your events award winning in all ways. Having at one time run and owned one of the largest seminar companies in the world, he knows what is critical to making an impact on company culture through an extraordinary event and is happy to consult with you to help you create something that is powerful, effective and unforgettable.

Mr. Huhem has serve your company as a traditional speaker and perform flawlessly with the very little coordination before hand. Or you may want to take advantage of his proprietary ways and systems of putting together knock out presentations that hit the spot for company culture and really creates ripple effects. And includes people who stand to benefit from the best thinkers in the company putting forth their ideas.

With three quick phone calls to three key people in your organization, Mitch hits the bulls eye by creating a customized speech that resonates, transforms and hits home. This is the speech the employees and mangers keep talking about months after the fact because it really hit home by giving your organization and your people exactly what they needed to re-energize them for continued growth and new levels of success. Mr. Huhem’s 3 phone call 3 question proprietary speech recipe gives you something no one else offers and has proven to deliver outstanding results.

If you choose the traditional or proprietary route, Mr. Huhem is happy to customize speeches of a variety of lengths to fit your needs, goals and unique company culture. If his schedule permits, he on occasion is able to do a series and customized training programs which can be shared in a variety of digital formats or recorded live if his schedule permits.

Popular topics include: Sales
Team Building
Personal Best
Habits of Success

Presentations Mitch offers (all of which touch on at least three of the core speaking topics above): The Secret Success Formula
Building a Great Team
Leadership that Leads, Builds and Transforms
Sixty Day Sales Secrets that Skyrockets Revenues
What's your personal best?
The Diamond Rule (on communication)
You've got to be fluent to be affluent ( personality traits for sales and success)
Beyond Wealth Secret (For Investors)
Make You or Break You (habits that hold the Keys to your success)
The Acorn a Principle ( Your unique imprint and destiny to succeed)
Think and Be Rich (building your mental game, confidence, belief and goals)
If it can, it will
Born to Be Great (calling out the best in people)
God is Your Partner (Spiritual talk on personal management)
Dirt Rich (Mitch shares his many diverse successes as an alternative investor)
Secret Success Formula (great for any company, overcoming & motivation)

These topics and many more are available as full length presentations, training topics or series. Each can be customized to meet the needs of leadership and company culture. Please contact us today so one of Mr. Huhem's assistants can get right back to you. We are looking forward to working with you and your team to create something extraordinary and memorable.