One idea, one person, one product can change everything in your business. Look at Apple, Oprah, Starbucks and Spanx. Mr. Huhem is the one who will find that hidden ingredient and then multiply its impact to increase revenue, brand your company and guarantee long and short-term growth and success in your industry. His passion is to do all of this while cutting costs, increasing productivity, saving time and affording company leadership the luxury to finally enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Many claim to be experts and have talents for growing businesses and managing large sales forces who have never actually even owned and ran their own business, let alone dealt with products, manufacturing, legal considerations, hiring, human resources, sales, marketing and the rest. They simply lack the capacity to effectively help you because they haven’t had the tangible experience and results to back it up. What you don’t know and can’t ever know in business until you are in the thick of it, can and will kill your organization if you are not prepared. That’s where the right business strategist can be a lifesaver…just like a business insurance policy that’s got you covered, all the while helping you increase your productivity, profit and bottom line.

Mr. Huhem looks at strategic consulting as air traffic control. You tell him where you want to go and he will help you get their faster, safer and with more built-in benefits than you can imagine. Many don’t realize just how much pilots rely on air traffic control to keep them on course, because they are constantly having to make course corrections while flying. In fact, a flight from New York to Los Angeles is off course hundreds of times on its journey across country, and if the proper course corrections aren’t made the pilot could end up in Cuba. Ever seen a business go off track like that? Even if the captain is great and has gone to LA many times, if he doesn’t check into air traffic control to monitor what storms, problems and even positive tailwinds are coming at him, he and his whole crew could be in grave danger. Mr. Huhem is air traffic control for business owners and CEOs.

Having actually grown multiple businesses, and one from $1 million in revenue to over $220 million in 7 short years, and doing over a billion dollars in revenue, Mitch is truly a billion dollar business strategist that intimately knows the inside story and secrets to growing small and large companies with efficiency, profit and long term growth.

A multi-millionaire in nine different industries, and also an expert communicator, people and product builder, Mitch will be able to strategically help you in numerous levels of your organization. Personable, engaging, quick and driven to get results fast, Mitch won’t stop until he finds the accelerators and multipliers in your business.

Once he finds these levers in your organization, he will go full-on and apply his secret sauce, what he calls “Profitnomics. They teach economics, accounting and finance in school but they do not teach Profitnomics, which is the Laws of Profit. A business survives, dies or thrives all on PROFIT!”

Mr. Huhem has helped multiple CEOs, sales teams, start ups, presidential candidates, health and wellness companies, and investment groups. As you can imagine, he is very selective about what projects he takes on. If you are interested, contact Mr. Huhem and you can talk about the three options:

1. Three one-hour skype phone conference calls with requested information for virtual CEO strategy or sales boost strategy session.

2. An in-person, one-day strategic consulting with phone follow-up mentoring and strategy sessions.

3. If Mr. Huhem is prepared and able to invest more time and the project fits, he will dedicate himself to more long-term projects, between three and 12 months with more thorough assistance, visits, live training and phone calls. Pricing can be discussed with Mr. Huhem and his assistant. Many clients have found this to be the best money they have spent. An investments that has returned many times over.