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Q: Why did you write Dirt Rich?

A: To give back what I never had. I always wished I had someone who would take the time to open up the door of their inside journey to sustainable wealth and to show me their mistakes and successes. Someone who would let me see through their real journey, their step by step path of navigating the land mines of investing and how they successfully make it through. Instead, I had to walk that path alone, spending millions of my own hard earned dollars to learn. I have earned my advanced degree from the school of hard knocks and graduated with honors. This book is my gift to you, the gift I always wish I had been given. Enjoy!

Q: What is unique about this book?

A: It is not what you would have ever read in other books published to date. It is an inside, behind the scenes journey of my successes and mistakes all wrapped up in a story that won’t let you put the book down. Many investment books are written by professors or advisors who have read and studied investing, but may have not personally experienced it by investing their own money. I believe that the greatest knowledge comes by doing and by what you personally experience and master. Because of my hands-on experience in alternative investments, I have had the opportunity to innovate, and use strategies from outside industries to solve problems, strategically grow my investments and create great revenue and success. Once you have been in the game long enough, you start to develop an acute awareness, a sixth sense of what works and what doesn’t. I share all of this in Dirt Rich so you can take advantage of my journey.

Q: Who can benefit from reading Dirt Rich?

A: Anyone who personally cares about their money. If you are retired or living off your accumulated portfolio then this book is a MUST. Since people are living longer, the number one concern is will their money last long enough or will they run out of money.

Most people approaching retirement, or already enjoying their retirement years, have five major fears:

1. Will my retirement income last as long as my retirement?
2. Will I have enough income for as long as I need it?
3. Will I lose money with my savings and investments?
4. Will I be able to live fully and leave a legacy?
5. Will I be able to support all the great causes I am passionate about?

Reading this book and following its direction can help eliminate these specific fears. It will give you solid answers that you can count on, stress free and without fear. Believe me, I have been perfecting this for over two decades, the art of living off investment income cash flow. This is my specialty and expertise. It’s time people know the truth, before it’s too late.

Q: What is the book about?

A: It is about my quest for sustainable wealth and finding the holy grail of investments. I always knew higher returns were possible and that what people said was impossible, I could achieve. In business I’ve worked with top performers - presidents, celebrities, athletes, billionaires and business owners like, President George W. Bush, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, George Forman, Margaret Thatcher and Donald Trump. In my investments I have done the same. I vetted out the winners before opening my own fund. Now I can offer that value and experience to you.

Q: Why is this a Must Have for Sustainable Wealth?

A: Few people take this journey and even fewer do it with millions of their own hard-earned dollars like I have. The normal Wall Street approach that has been marketed to America is portfolio diversification through stocks, bonds and annuities – wrap it with insurance and add foreign equities and commodities and you are good to go, but that is frankly not what the smart investors do.

I, like Harvard and Yale, have been investing in emerging asset classes outside of stocks, bonds and annuities that are bringing in solid and above average yields. Like Billionaire Sam Zell and Legendary Investor Warren Buffett, I’ve discovered an investment opportunity that produces immediate monthly cash flow and is not at the mercy of the stock market and economy. In fact, it was one of the few investments that continued to perform very well throughout the downturn and recession.

Q: When is this Book coming out?

A: It’s coming soon – early 2016. It’s a gift that will keep on giving to you and your family for generations to come. I believe my book could be one of the single most important books you ever read on how to secure your retirement income and grow your wealth.

Q: What if I can't wait until the book comes out?

A: Many of you are making important financial decisions right now and could benefit immediately from this timely information. If you are an accredited investor (I can help you determine this easily), then please call me or text me to set up a private meeting. I will be happy to share my expertise with you. My direct number is 561-866-9977.